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Introducing a revolutionary multi-currency wallet.

Denarii Cash is an ambitious fintech blockchain project that aims to become the ultimate digital wallet to provide a free access to financial service for underbanked, unbanked individuals and underserved SME's.

for Individuals

to send and receive, store fiat and crypto, more conveniently and at the better rates

for Cashpoints

it allows individuals or businesses to operate as a local ATM for the local community.

for Businesses

it enables businesses to accept crypto and fiat payment on-the-go with no minimum quota

for Developers

to empower developers to connect and integrate thirdparty DApp on top of denarii wallet.

Denarii Cash Wallet

Since the inception last February 2017, Denarii Cash have taken considerable amount of efforts to refactor our mobile application. Denarii Cash is now a peer-to-peer multi-cryptocurrency wallet payment service ("Denarii Cash Wallet") for smarthphones available via an app on Android and iOS devices.

The services uses Horizon, a client facing API server for stellar network to store digital cash deposits, facilitate digital cash transfers between any two smarthphones and ethereum smart contract that facilitates the staking agreement between individuals, cashpoints, businesses, developers and denarii cash company. Now available for download.










An open framework for denarii cash wallet

Denarii Core an interface for denarii cash wallet, it can be used for the following operations and functions.

  • Developers Access Function: Developers needs to stake DCash token to connect third party DApp ie: marketplace, insurance and more.

  • Voting Rights: Denarii Cash token holders, will be able to vote on important company decisions such as third party developers releases.

  • Analytics & Updates: Developers, Cashpoints and Business will be able to track transaction and automatically generate analytics reports.



Feb, 2017

Denarii Cash Release v.1.0

Dec, 2017

Crowdsale website launch

April, 2018

Private ICO early backers

April, 2018

Denarii Core UI

June, 2018

Presale ICO

September, 2018

Public ICO


Denarii Core Alpha

September, 2018

Denarii hits the exchange

September, 2018

Our Team

Jon Santillan

Founder of Searchfuse Marketing Management, previously worked as a managing partner at Mountain Partners to setup a venture arm in the Philippines, Partner of and Co-founder of Getlaundry. With 13 years in corporate world, working at Etihad Airways and Abu Dhabi Media Group. Jon is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record for effectively achieving revenue goals and applying a strong expertise in data-driven, long-term strategies for international brands and products. He currently manages teams specializing in product development and digital marketing.

Denver Chua

A serial entrepreneur turned politician. Denver Chua co-founded several successful companies from retail, wholesale, distribution and manufacturing consumer good. Recently he ventures to airline (Skyjet Airlines) and hospitality industry (Greenbelt One Hotel) where he seats as one of the board member of the company. Denver is leading the operation and partnership in south east asia for the company

Ian Encarnacion

Managing Attorney of Encarnacion Law Office and Special Assistant to the Cavite City Mayor for Legal Affairs. Ian is an experienced trial lawyer with well-rounded exposure in criminal and civil litigation, labor relations, tax, energy, infrastructure, and corporate special projects. He has helped various corporations in their legal and compliance concerns in numerous roles either as retained counsel, business law adviser, compliance officer, data privacy officer, and business partner. Ian Encarnaction responsibility is working closely with regulators in South East Asia to make sure the Denarii Cash comply to any regulators.

Selected Advisors

Pawel Iwanow

Managing Director MENA
Mountain Partners

Dom Monhardt

Head of UX & Interaction Design
Commercial Bank of Dubai

Dana Horska

Chief Investment Officer

Gary Sheynkman

Managing Partner
Leyden Ventures

Fara Remtulla

Chief Financial Officer
Bank Clearly

Corrina Cross

Managing Director
The People People

Jay Bernardo

Managing Director
Startup Village


Economic Overview

Token Allocation

Funds Allocation

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