Introducing Denarii Cashpoints

generate extra income

What is Denarii Cashpoints

Denarii Cashpoints allows individuals or businesses to operate as a local ATM for the local community.
Using a smart phone, cashpoints can provide safe and secure access
to cash and earn extra income from each transaction.

Cash Out Service
With a few simple key presses on Denarii app, consumer can complete a transaction and you provide the cash. The convenience fee applied to the transaction will be an additional income for your business.

Safe and Secured
For safety and security, denarii uses blockchain technology as an underlrying protocol, Denarii is a safe, secure and simple way of earning new revenue.

Easy to Get Started
No upfront cost to be part of denarii cashpoints which means it's completely free. To get started download denarii app, signup and submit business application for approval.
Cashpoints Benefits
Denarii Cashpoints makes cash social and peer to peer. We convert every shop as part of the Denarii Cashpoint into a scalable cash distribution network, digitally. Our platform combines the power of the shared economy and digital payments to make cash circulation efficient and accessible.

  • A new way of generating extra income
  • Simple, secure and easy to use
  • No need to visit banks to deposit cash
  • Dedicated customer & training support
It only takes a few minutes to create a Denarii Cash account. Start by downloading via
Google Store or App Store and wait for your verification process to get started.

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