Get more for your money when sending from GBP to the CHF (GBP to CHF) with Denarii Cash #ZEROFees. Check the daily exchange rate from GBP to CHF conversion. We are adding new currencies all the time. If you want to be the first to know click the sign-up button.

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Save more and Send more money when you send from GBP to CHF

Denarii Cash is an absolutely free mobile app transfer, safe to use, offers a fair exchange rate, has low transfer fees, and most importantly, it's regulated by legal authorities.

We know how important your hard earned salary and that is the reason we have started Denarii Cash. You can now Save more and Send more money when you send from GBP to the CHF (GBP to CHF). Download Denarii Cash today and earn credits when you refer your friends and family to Denarii Cash

1 GBP 1.27 GBP
5 GBP 6.36 GBP
10 GBP 12.73 GBP
20 GBP 25.45 GBP
50 GBP 63.63 GBP
100 GBP 127.26 GBP
250 GBP 318.15 GBP
500 GBP 636.30 GBP
1000 GBP 1,272.60 GBP
2000 GBP 2,545.20 GBP
5000 GBP 6,363.00 GBP
10000 GBP 12,726.00 GBP
1 CHF 0.79 GBP
5 CHF 3.93 GBP
10 CHF 7.86 GBP
20 CHF 15.72 GBP
50 CHF 39.29 GBP
100 CHF 78.58 GBP
250 CHF 196.45 GBP
500 CHF 392.90 GBP
1000 CHF 785.79 GBP
2000 CHF 1,571.59 GBP
5000 CHF 3,928.96 GBP
10000 CHF 7,857.93 GBP
It only takes a few minutes to create a Denarii Cash account. Start by downloading via
Google Store or App Store and wait for your verification process to get started.

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